GCIC Academic Symposium 2017

Student Presenters for 2014 Symposium

Friday, April 4, 2014, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Presenter Title Category Year
Brittany Jeter Before I was Okay Communication and Humanities 2014
Sara Robertson Biological Link to Criminal Behavior STEM 2014
Josie Howell Complacency Compromises Critical Thinking Communication and Humanities 2014
Andre Rivers Controversy in our Ranks Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Theresa Chandler Denial of evidence: the global climate change controversy STEM 2014
Natalie Jimenez Discarded Fine Arts 2014
Kristin Barnes Evolution of Presidential Policy: Iran and the United States from 1979 to the Present STEM 2014
Grace Schwarz Flexible Family Complexes Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Janeth Rodriguez Investing in our ESL Youth will Benefit Our Community Communication and Humanities 2014
Lisa Camacho Is there a Link between Vaccinations and Autism? STEM 2014
Alaina Spires Out of Sight…not out of Mind Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Alaina Spires Promiscuous Society: What is its Effect on Today's Children? Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Michelle McManama Public High Schools vs. Private High Schools: Which Produces Better Students? Communication and Humanities 2014
Misty Jackson Puritan Impact on American Government: Recognizing the Role of the Body of Liberties in American Government Communication and Humanities 2014
Daniel McCorry Standardized Testing and its Stifling of Intellectual Curiosity Communication and Humanities 2014
Rosie Hallaway The Development and Presence of Rape Culture Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Siera Elysse Blankenship The Immigration of Culture Fine Arts 2014
Caleb Rachel The Modern Yellow Wallpaper Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Sveta Roady The Perception of Autism Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Callie Rankin The Pit in My Stomach is Growing Again Fine Arts 2014
Misty Jackson The Puritan Myth: False Stereotypes and Unrecognized Accomplishments Communication and Humanities 2014
Grace Windsor The Truth behind Eating Disorders Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014
Ludesta Jammer Too Black to Be White, Too White to Be Black Social and Behavioral Sciences 2014

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